"S'plain it to me Lucy" as Desi used to say. You know design and presentation matters, you want to look your absolute best but are often at a loss to determine exactly where to start or what to do. You stall out and are stymied by the specifics for your one of a kind location. Almost TOO many ideas dare we say? We hear you and we're HERE for you. You and your neighbor and their neighbor and so on. Get a group together and let's have ourselves a How-To-Do-it-Yourself workshop. Once you learn the basics and then some from a 15+ year merchandising veteran you'll feel like a pro. Metro areas, Main Streets and maybe even someone you know next door has benefitted from workshops ranging from "The 7 Essentials of Eye Catching & Effective Storefronts", "Big City Windows on a Main Street Budget" or the 4 part series "The Naked Truth About Well Dressed Windows" to name a few. We typically follow up workshops with one-on-one evaluations since we're already in your neighborhood. Easy to book and fun to learn.

Store Evaluations

Audits sound so formal don't they? We don't mean to come across that way, it just means that we take them quite seriously. Our store audits or evaluations as we prefer to call them, help shine a light on improvements even the best shop owners have forgotten, never thought of or weren't concerned about that are affecting sales. If you knew you would have fixed things already - at least we HOPE so. While our 40 point store checklist won't fit in this space, trust us, we'll leave no stone unturned. We'll document your current conditions with photos and notes, let you know where improvements can be made, and prioritize the next steps you can take. It's a "honey-do" list like you've never seen before but oh-what a difference it can make. Think of it like your "Punch List for Profit".

Window Displays

Window displays are fun, fun, and more fun yet they don't happen by accident, although I've seen a few waiting to happen ! Your windows, for better or worse, speak to the people most likely to come into your store - people that pass your location everyday. Take the time to invest in the 24 hour message you're sending. Like moths to light - customers won't be able to resist pulling themselves in off the street when they see an attractive display. Keeping them fresh and professional will keep customers walking in your door. By the way, professional doesn't have to mean expensive it just means well executed. We are happy to share what design and staging techniques make a stellar window and what tools you need to get the job done. We've got sources for inexpensive and clever props; techniques for lighting and best practices for theme-ing and color grouping. Whether you want some fresh ideas, help with your next project or just can't keep all that fun for yourself - give us a call.


Are you leaving your merchandising to the new hire to just "get this stuff out on the floor" or are you paying attention to where you're putting the merchandise, how you're arranging the product and what fixture you're putting it on? "In-store marketing", "product presentation", "staging" or however you refer to it, if you do it, they will sell - whatever "they" are. You've got real dollars tied up in that inventory and we're betting you intended to actually sell it sooner than later. Knowing how customers perceive a particular fixtures value (paint or laminate? glass or wood?) helps you know what type of finish to choose. Knowing your customers decision making process (is it color or size first?) helps determine how to organize the product; knowing people's direction of travel (left to right or head to the back and meander to the front?) helps determine how to orient the product; knowing your profit margins helps to detemine how much of each to put out. Should you organize by vendor or user group? By size or by color? By light or by dark? OK - OK, we'll stop with the 20 questions but these are the types of things we constantly think about and we think you should too. We're just as happy to teach as we are to do. Nothing like a mini store make-over to show you all sorts of things you never learned in school.

Speaking - Custom Content

Amen to that! You know how important good store design and presentation are to the bottom line and you wish you could get more retailers on board. Maybe the one right next to you that's kind of pulling the look of the street down or your tenant whose struggling to make their rent not sure if they're going to make it another year. There's hope yet. It's vital to Main Streets everywhere that merchants be at the top of their game and with a little coaching, we can help. We're available to educate and inspire tenants, property owners, retail neighbors or business groups about do's and dont's, window display basics, signage and awning issues and what retail clarity and retail sophistication involve. Anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes on the fundamentals, what for's and how to's and they'll be primed to take action - and you'll be glad you called.