Essentials of Effective Storefronts Seminar

Sage advice and practical tips on how to improve your retail visbility and retail clarity one important piece at a time.

Retailers seeking to increase foot traffic and boost their sales know that first impressions matter but are often at a loss on what do or are overwhelmed by the list of things they need to pay attention to. While store owners are experts in their specialty product lines or services many inadvertently make rookie mistakes when it comes to their stores and storefronts. Mistakes that unknowingly cost them sales they can precious afford to loose. Time for a fresh start and set things right.

This visually rich presentation is loaded with sample photos and do's and dont's that walk you through a customer's first glance to their first touch on their path to your front door. It's designed to help you evaluate your store with a keener eye and alert you to areas in need of attention. If you've been meaning to make changes, knowing exactly WHAT to address and WHY can break a log jam of inactivity and get you on the way to having the store you were meant to have.

Monday, November 6, 2017 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. for Metuchen Downtown Alliance, Metuchen, NJ

Store Consultations: Creating Your Punch List for Profit

Let's start with the basics. We begin by talking with you and OBSERVING with some very simple questions in mind, 'Do your customers "see" you?' and ' Do they "get" you?' Yes, your store starts on-line, long before your shoppers arrive at your front door but once they're there, were you worth the trip across town or across the street? There's a lot that goes into creating a positive, cohesive, comprehensive impression. In the biz it's called "retail visbility" and "retail clarity". If you've got IT, they'll walk in your door, if you don't, they'll walk on by. Being the expert you are in your specialty product or service vs. being a store designer by trade, perhaps you're wondering exactly what to spend money on and how everything works tgether to get that "look" and "feel" your shoppers want?

Our trained eyes and years of translating shopper wants into cool store experiences allows FrontdoorBack to hone in on what your customers see, when they see it, and how they see it. Obvious things (to US that is) that most owners didn't realize were critical to how people approach and move through your space. If you knew, we're pretty sure you would have fixed things already. That's O.K. - You're here now. Our practiced and objective evaluations of your store will take the mystery out of what shoppers respond to best and help close the sales gap you may be experiencing by simply rearranging, repainting, or rethinking how you present yourself and how you use your space.

We know RETAIL design, which is a whole different beast than residential or office commercial. Space planners in general, all drink from a similar design principal well but STORE DESIGN is a specialty within the world of commercial. It gets messy sometimes, getting in the mind of your shopper, and what that then means for your physical store, but you have to know what they want in order to keep them coming back.

By focusing attention on the 7 Essentials that create visible and attractive retail storefronts, as a segue to walking into your store, we identify what's working and what's not so you'll know exactly where to make changes that will give you your best return. Your "Punch List for Profit"

Business owners, with limited time and resources, need honest, accurate and valid feedback and solutions. Color, signage, lighting, graphics, windows, entryways, circulation, focal points, activating your sidewalk, and we haven't even talked about merchandising yet - they all add up to a powerful retail store-y. Your STORY, so let's make sure you have a happy ending every day.

Costs begin at $300 for a 90 minute on-site evaluations. Travel costs are separate.

Your ideas were both inspiring and practical. So many that my cost per idea was silly cheap.

Ann Miner - Yarn Folk, Ellensburg, WA

Within 90 minutes of rearranging a few key areas based on your suggestions, I went from watching reluctant sidewalk browsers walk by to having 5 shoppers come in. I made 3 of those sales. Your ideas were creative yet common sense.

Carine La Pointe - Carine's Studio, Astoria, OR

What we're about ...

... creating a place that shops like your customers want
..... feels like you had hoped
..... and performs like your bottom line has to

We provide help where you want it and advice where you need it because good design is a tool when it comes to increasing your ROI.

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My retailers and property owners needed and wanted to hear what you had to say. I saw positive change in the storefronts the SAME day you presented. We can't wait to have you back for the next session.

Mary DesMarais, Executive Director, Gig Harbor Downtown Association