​..... construct places that shop like their customers want
..... create experiences that people are excited to share
..... flex their competitive advantage in today's fast changing marketplace

Seminars: CREATING STELLAR STORES & Storefronts

Sage advice and practical tips on creating attractive and effective storefronts and stores

Retailers seeking to increase foot traffic know that first impressions matter but are often at a loss about what do or where to begin. While business owners are experts in their respective products or service offerings, many inadvertently miss the mark when it comes to creating a compelling experience in their physical space. 

This visually rich presentation is designed to educate and inspire retailers on best practices and practical steps they can take to improve their store's curb appeal and their shoppers' in-store experiences. Our company prides itself on helping your business create a memorable experience, from your awnings, lighting, and signage on the outside, to decompression zones, pathways, and “must-sees” on the inside. We also can give world-class advice on a host of other shopper-centric topics and store design areas.
The seminar is designed to help you evaluate your store with a keener eye and sharper ear to learn what your shoppers want and how to provide it for them. If you've been meaning to refresh your space or make changes to solve some pain points, knowing exactly WHAT to address and WHY can get you focused and taking action on the right things in the right order. Things that will have your shoppers making return trips and telling their friends about you too. 

Store Consultations: Your Punch List for Profit

Your store starts on-line, long before your shoppers physically arrive at your front door but once they're there, are you living up to their expectations? Are you visually communicating to them that you were worth the trip? We hope so but if you're looking for additional input or fresh ideas on where to make improvements, a store evaluation is a great place to start. 

Our trained eyes and years of translating shopper insights into cool store experiences allows Frontdoor Back to objectively hone in on what your customers see, when they see it, and how they see it. A store evaluation can take the mystery out of how to create that confident and compelling first impression and get folks inside exploring all that you have to offer. It could be as simple as rearranging, repainting, or rethinking how you use your space to more involved solutions that  include adding lighting, teaching your staff about visual merchandising tactics, removing awnings or learning how to create eye-catching window displays.
My retailers and property owners needed and wanted to hear what you had to say. I saw positive change in the storefronts the same day you presented. We can't wait to have you back for the next session. 

Mary DesMarais
Executive Director, Gig Harbor Downtown Association
Gig harbor, WA

​Within 90 minutes of rearranging a few key areas I went from watching hesitant sidewalk browsers walk by to having 5 shoppers step inside. I made 3 of those sales. Your ideas were creative and yet common sense. 

Carine La Pointe
Carine's Studio
Astoria, OR

​Your ideas were both inspiring and practical.

Ann miner
yarn folk
ellensburg, wa